Menus of restaurant Le Relais de la Sans Fond in Fénay, near Dijon

Located in the south of Dijon (21 Côte d'Or, Burgundy), in Fénay, the restaurant Relais de la Sans Fond welcomes you every day for lunch and dinner (except Sunday evening).

Chef Eric Chauve, seconded by his son pastry chef Quentin, offers a menu that changes according to the seasons.

Homemade cuisine and desserts

You will find in the slate of your restaurant a choice among 8 entries, 8 dishes and 8 different desserts. Lunch, Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), you will also access a menu of the day.

Appointment without delay in your hotel - restaurant Fénay!

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By phone +33 3 80 36 61 35 or e-mail.